Common questions

Here are the most common questions about Cityterminalen. Please contact Customer Service if you do not find what you are looking for here.

Which services can be found at Cityterminalen?
Cash dispensers, toilets, safe deposit boxes, photo booth, mailboxes, and UPS-automat.

How far from Cityterminalen is the city centre?
Cityterminalen is in the middle of the Stockholm city centre. Kungsgatan is right outside and Drottninggatan is within a five-minute walk.

Where are the toilets?
The restrooms at Cityterminalen, as well as handicap toilets and changing tables are on the second floor.

 Is Cityterminalen open night-time?
Cityterminalen opens every morning at 03:15 and closes at 00.15 at night.

Can I leave my things in the safe deposit box for the night?
Cityterminalen does not empty the boxes at night. You can store your belongings in the safe deposit box for as many days as you have paid for. Should you want to use the safe deposit box for more than 24 hours, an advance payment can easily be made at Customer Service. 

Is parking available at Cityterminalen?
Short-term parking as well as handicap parking is located on Klarabergsviadukten outside the Cityterminalen main entrance. Should you wish to park for a longer period of time, this is possible further away on Klarabergsviadukten.

I've got a lot of luggage, can I drive my car all the way up to the gate?To drive a car into the bus area is prohibited for safety reasons. Passengers with heavy luggage are instructed to use the baggage carts which can be found both outside the entrance as well as inside the terminal.

Where can I find timetables?
Timtetables for most bus carriers operating from Cityterminalen can be found at Customer Service. Many of the companies also have their own websites where you can check schedules and make reservations.

Where do I buy the bus tickets?
Some of the bus carriers have sales offices in the terminal hall. For tickets to other buses, please contact the bus company directly. In many cases, it is possible to make your booking on the telephone and pay later on the bus. If you have Internet-access, your ticket can be purchased online.

Bus carriers with ticket sales at Cityterminalen: Säfflebuss, Bus4You, Svenska Buss, Swebus Express, Flygbussarna, Ybuss as well as transfer buses to Vikingline and Destination Gotland.

I have my booking number - is that enough to board the bus?
Bus carriers have different rules and routines. Please contact the bus company directly for information.

Which gate does my bus depart from?
All departures and gates are displayed on the signs in the terminal hall. You can also get help at Customer Service. The gate is confirmed one hour before departure. Prior to this, gates can be changed. Make sure to always check the sign above the door to be sure you are at the correct gate.

Where do the buses arrive?
All arriving buses stop in the same bus area outside the terminal. The terminal entrance for arrivals is in the center of the terminal hall. There you will also find information about arrival times.

Do the buses have toilets?
All long-distance buses have toilets onboard. The airport coaches do not have toilets.

How do I charter a bus?
Please contact the bus carriers directly for inquiries and rates.

How do I find the subway?
T-centralen passes under Cityterminalen, two floors below. You do not need to go outside in order to get there. Take the escalator down to the train station and continue an additional floor down to reach all of the subway lines. You can also use the signs to show you the way.

How do I find the local buses?
The bus network in Stockholm is extensive and all buses do not pass by Cityterminalen. For information about public transportation, contact Stockholms Lokaltrafik (SL). An SL-center is located two floors below, on your way to the subway.

Where can I buy tickets for public transportation?
Subway and bus tickets can be purchased at Pressbyrån or at My Way inside the terminal.

How do I find to the commuter trains?
Exit through the main entrance on Klarabergsviadukten. An entrance to the commuter trains is located on the other side of the street.

How do I find the Central Station and the trains?
Take the escalator or elevator at the Cityterminalen main entrance, directly down to the train station.

When ordering assisted travel, what address should I give?
The pick-up and drop-off point for assisted travel (Färdtjänst) is right outside the Cityterminalen main entrance on Klarabergsviadukten. The address is Klarabergsviadukten 72.