Disabled traveller information

Cityterminalen should be accessible for all. We are always looking to improve our services for disabled travellers and visitors. Please contact Customer Service if you cannot find the answer to a specific question.

Cityterminalen has three entrances, the main entrance being on Klarabergsviadukten opposite the Stockholm Central Station. On the other side of Cityterminalen is an exit on Kungsgatan. An entrance for passenger arrivals directly from the bus area outside, is situated In the middle of the building. All three exits are on the ground floor without steps, have revolving doors and are equipped with automatic door openers. Inside the Klarabergsviadukten entrance you will find escalators, stairs and an elevator to the Stockholm Central Station. The two floors in the terminal are connected by an elevator and escalators.

Visually handicapped
For  visually handicapped people there are speaking arrival and departure information boards  installed. They are placed inside the entrance of Klarabergsviadukten, as well at  Kungsgatan.

Reservation of escorting need to be received no later than 24 hours in advance. The meeting point is inside our main entrance at Klarabergsviadukten 72. Attendant service is available seven days a week and can be booked by
email kundservice@cityterminalen.com

Alternatively on phone +46 70 762 25 72 weekend-free Monday-Friday at 08-16. Please book well in advance. www.stationsledsagning.se

Taxi and assisted travel
Outside the main entrance on Klarabergsviadukten there is a taxi stop. This is also used for assisted travel. The address is Klarabergsviadukten 72.

For cars dropping-off or picking-up those travelling to and from the terminal, there is an unloading area on Klarabergsviadukten next to the main entrance. Parking is not permitted here. Handicap parking can be found across the street, outside the Stockholm Central Station upper level.