Luggage lockers

There are three sizes of lockers at the City Terminal. They are located inside the terminal at gate 4 on level one and gate 14 and 15 on level two.

Box medium:
Inner dimension=360 mm, height=440 mm, depth=570 mm
price 60 SEK for 4 hours and 70 SEK for 24 hours.

Box large:
Inner dimension=460 mm, height=600 mm, depth=820 mm
Price 80 SEK for 4 hours and 90 SEK for 24 hours.

Box extra large:
Inner dimension=290 mm, height=1850 mm, depth=560 mm
Price 120 SEK for 24 hours (card payments)

  • 10 SEK coins and creditcard
  • Payment is for 4 or 24 hours
  • Storage of up to 7 days

    Please keep your receipt, it is your key!