For Bus companies

Driving a bus from the Cityterminal has many advantages, both for the bus company and for travelers. Learn more about us and what we can offer.

Cityterminalen is the largest bus station in Sweden. From here depart and arrive buses to and from Sweden and large parts of Europe. The terminal is located in Stockholm city center close to the subway, trains and local buses. Every day nearly 30 000 people pass the terminal.

We offer the following benefits for BUSCOMPANY using Cityterminalen:

  • A well-known and safe location for the travelers
  • Bus company names, departures and arrival information displayed on boards in the terminal
  • Bus company names with link, departures and arrival information on Cityterminalens website
  • Possibility of help from the traffic management, customer service and security guard
  • A rest room with kitchenette and toilet for the bus driver
  • Help with administration and collection of lost and found
  • The company name visible to a large number of travelers and prospective customers

This is what your TRAVELERS get when riding from Cityterminalen:

  • Warm waiting rooms with seating, toilets and lockers
  • Personalised assistance through the customer service desk
  • Access to shops, cafes and other services
  • Close to connecting traffic and the Stockholm city
  • Clear departure and arrival info in the terminal

Please contact us for more details:

Traffic Management
Open every day between 05.30 - 23.30
Phone 010 455 33 00 


Info from the traffic management

Now you also can park the bus here. We have allocated the gates 10-13 for that purpose.
For information and booking:
+46 (0) 10 455 33 00 

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Big map over the Cityterminalen


Watch the movie about Cityterminalen on Youtube here